Chanting Retreat with Grant Macredie, 2-4 March

We’re delighted to let you know that Grant Macredie will be leading a Chanting Retreat at Strathean Retreat Centre from 2-4 March. The programme will include a chance to practice or learn leading chants on the harmonium, discussions as to the many benefits of chanting and the opportunity to be lead in chanting by Grant. Cost $240.00. Yoga classes and meditation will also be available, lead by John Joyce. 

Grant will be offering chanting workshops and practice, including hands on harmonium lessons, plus group discussion on the science of chanting, its power to deepen meditations, change and heal one’s consciousness (emotional, mental and physical) and open the heart. Grant is a longtime chanter and Sanskrit singer. He is currently working on his third album of devotional songs adapted for the Western ear to facilitate healing in body and mind. Topics in group discussion will include how chanting works to create beneficial and permanent changes within our hearts and minds, singing technique, using chanting to eliminate stress and anxiety, and as preparation for meditation. Yoga classes and meditation will also be available, lead by John Joyce. Contact Gabrielle on 022 072 6582 or for more details.

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