We provide a high quality venue or those wanting to facilitate retreats for spiritual, creative and personal growth.

Property hire (except Jyoti cottage) – 2023

  • $65 pp / per night, including bedding. Minimum 10 people charged per night ($650)*. We have a maximum bedding charge of $50 per stay (for one set of bedding). Bedding includes sheets, pillow case, duvet and towel. If you wish to bring your own bedding, our cost is $50 per person per night, minimum charge per night of $500 for hiring Anahata (the main house)*. If you have less than 10 people due to the covid-19 situation, we will accept less than 10 as a minimum number. This charge applies to bed in Anahata, Ananda and each of the two rooms in the honey house.
  • $25.00 pp for a day visit.
  • Om and Shanti, which each have an ensuite, have a minimum charge of $60 per night (or $75 including bedding).
  • These charges do not include food catering (please discuss with us) or cleaning (see below). Prices are in New Zealand dollars and are inclusive of GST.
  • Booking deposit of $500 required. This is non-refundable is cancelled less than 3 months before the retreat.
  • If you wish to use any room as a single that has more than one bed, there is an additional charge of $10 per night for that room. We expect people to fill the house first and then ask us if they would like to use Om, Shanti and Ananda. These will generally be available for hire.
  • Anyone staying in a campervan or tent is charged $45 per night.

Jyoti cottage:

  • $140 minimum cost per night (for up to two people) with an additional $60 per person per night, when specifically booked as part of a larger retreat. The cottage sleeps four. These prices do not include bedding (an extra $15 per person per night).
  • Must be booked in advance, Jyoti cottage will not always be available for hire.


  • Groups hiring Strathean Retreat Centre must either clean it at the end of the stay or, with prior notice, we will arrange for it to be cleaned for you for a cost of $160-$350 depending what has been used ($160 for Anahata (the main house); Om and Shanti have a cleaning cost of $25 each and Ananda $30; each room in the honey house has a cleaning cost of $20).
  • If the yoga sanctuary is hired, it must either be cleaned or there is a $30 cleaning charge.
  • If you hire Jyoti cottage, this is an additional $40 for cleaning.
  • If you elect to clean yourselves, detailed cleaning instructions are given, for most groups this means everyone helping at the end of their stay for about 30-60 minutes.

Hiring Yoga Sanctuary / Workshop Space

The yoga sanctuary / workshop space may be hired during the week or over weekends when its use is compatible with any retreat at that time.

If you are organising a retreat at the same time as you would like to use the hall, there is a charge of $60 per full day, or $30 per half day. Please contact us if you only want to use the hall for an hour or so and we can agree a price.

If you would like to use the hall and are not holding a retreat at the same time, it can be hired for a minimum charge of $90 per day, with $10 per person attending payable (including GST). Or $50 minimum charge for a half day up to 4 hours ($5 per person). Please note that if there is a retreat on while you are using the hall, you will be directed to special parking spaces, be able to use two toilets in the main house and the back part of the grounds for walks.

For more information or to request a quote, please kindly contact us.

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